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JPG PNG Resizer reduces the size of JPG and PNG files.

JPG PNG Resizer - a high performance PNG and JPG image size reducer and resizer.

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Version 1.01, 25 June 2017
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Make JPG and PNG smaller with JPG PNG Resizer

Introducing JPG PNG Resizer, a software designed to resize and reduce JPG and PNG files quickly and conveniently.

Are you a Road-tripper that loves to take hundreds or thousands of shots with your smartphone? Are you a professional photographer with thousands of massive JPG or PNG files clogging up your storage? We can fix that!

Smartphones now have 41 megapixels of resolution available, with bigger and better devices on the horizon; professional digital cameras have even more. The resulting files have stunning detail, and even more massive size, but nine times out of ten you simply don't need the full resolution photo. You can't post them on Facebook or LinkedIn, or many other sites at all. And you certainly don't want to load up your webpage with super-high-quality shots that will make loading time ridiculously slow and waste your clients' or visitors' bandwidth. You need a file size reducer.

JPG PNG Resizer is your answer

For e-mail sharing, an image that is just a few kilobytes is more than adequate. A single 7 MB file would probably be rejected by the receiving mail server. If you had 300 such photos from a customer's wedding it would take over 2 Gigabytes of bandwidth (if you could transfer them at all).

By turning them into smaller-sized, lower-resolution images you can recover vast amounts of storage space, and still send them to friends, colleagues, or clients using minimal bandwidth. The lower image, once in VLF (Very Large Format) at 30 Mega Bytes, is reduced to 30 KB for demonstration purposes, and further reduced to 5 KB to show the level of quality you can still achieve even with a thumbnail image.
1024x640px 30kb
Launch of space shuttle Atlantis as seen from the International Space Station, bigger than most monitor screens, reduced from 30 MB to 1024 x 640 at 30 KB - (Credit NASA/ISS/ESA)
300x188px 5kb
Same image, 6,000 times smaller than the original, now at a mere 5 KB, and 300 x 188 pixels—perfect for reference thumbnails

Protect your Art

And where is the impetus for people to pay you for your high-quality photos if they can download them from your site with modern copying software? Keep your HQ-photos offline, but keep these lower-resolution thumbnails so customers can make good purchasing decisions!

Web-site designers can show entire preview pages to customers with very small sizes. Philatelists and numismatists (stamps & coins, respectively) can show their wares with ease, and at reasonable sizes for the image files. When you must have thousands of images, it's best to have them at the most appropriate size.


When you first open JPG PNG Resizer, you're faced with a broad, intuitive interface. You can click the Add Files button and search for particular images, if you desire. You can click the Add Folder button and include a whole directory.

Of course artists are visually oriented and have their image files visible or as representative icons. For your convenience you can simply drag-and-drop images onto the interface.

As you build your list in the large space below, there's another button to remove items you added accidentally, and even an option to clear the entire list so you can start over again. Once you've built your list, if you wish to use the default settings, all that remains to be done is to press the Start button.

Fast as lightning

Almost as quickly as you can blink, once you hit the Start button, the cursor just slides down the list tick, tick, tick—your files are done! Do you have an entire hard drive's worth of images to compress? Add the drive and go and make yourself a coffee. It won't take long. Of course if you want to keep working, remember this program uses just a tiny amount of RAM so you can carry on with whatever work you need to do without the challenge of being low on memory.

Priorities & Threads

If you have other processes going on that require a lot of functionality from your CPU, there is the ability to restrict how much time the program may request from the CPU. It can be set to Normal, Below Normal, and Low, so that it will never interrupt a higher priority process.

How does the program generate all its speed? It uses a multi-threading model; it recognizes how many cores you have in your CPU; it creates several parallel processes that use as many as are available. That's why the competition just can't keep up!

Easy controls

The two most important factors that you're controlling are the quality of the images and the dimensions of the images.

Although most people don't realize it, JPEGs can be saved in a number of image qualities from 100 down to 1. In the top half of the scale there's very little difference. Depending on size you might be able to go much lower than you expect and save a great deal of space. This is accomplished easily with a simple slider for fine control, or a pull-down, with gross selections of Low, Medium, High, and Maximum.

JPG PNG Resizer - JPEG quality

For real savings however, your best bet is to reduce the overall dimensions. JPG PNG Resizer supports immense images up to 65500 x 65500 pixels (in Windows 64-bit; 20000 x 20000 in 32-bit), and yet uses hardly any RAM. Do those sizes slow it down? Not a bit.

Choices for making those dimensional adjustments are straightforward and functional. You can elect to "keep original width and height" while altering only the quality. You can choose to reduce the height and width by a percentage with an attached a slider.

If you have media restrictions on column width, or paragraph height, you can adjust to an exact longest/shortest side of 100, 423, or any pixel-specification you need and let the remaining dimension be proportionally adjusted, automatically. This is especially valuable in forums where there are very specific restrictions on the size of images.


Are there other ways to do this? Yes, if the file is not too large you can use MS Paint, but don't expect it to handle large, high-quality photos. More importantly there's absolutely no batch facility. You have to do each one, individually, by hand.

At the other end of the spectrum you could use Photoshop, but there are a number of arguments against it.

  • First of all it is breathtakingly complex; for people who don't have a significant familiarity with Photoshop; using it can be a tremendous chore
  • It requires a cripplingly large amount of RAM to work with large images
  • It's frighteningly expensive for non-professionals who don't need it in their work every day
  • If you simply want to resize some large photos or JPEG images, especially when performing batch-resizing, breaking out Photoshop would be akin to using a cannon to kill a housefly.

Ready to go

Depending on the speed of your computer, Photoshop might take a minute or two to load, which can seem like forever when you're ready to get to work. JPG PNG Resizer is ready to run instantly. Just click the icon and it is ready to accept your files as fast as you can drag-and-drop!

As soon as you drop a file in, the program tells you what the image's current dimensions are, what its output dimensions will be (with the current settings) what its input size is, and how big it will become when you click the Start button. Nothing could be simpler.

And of course it will copy the EXIF metadata from the original file to the resized one. No need to go and re-enter any of your carefully crafted descriptions.

The Takeaway

  • It cost hundreds of dollars less than expensive solutions like Photoshop
  • It has a shallow learning curve. Turning it on and you're ready to go
  • It's fast and doesn't waste memory
  • It has built-in batch handling
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